Doubles tactics – Part 1

You many not have picture perfect technique but you can still be a pretty hot doubles player if you observe the golden rules, so says coach to thousands of British club players, Nick Ring


When I begin a doubles session with a new group I often quote the great Bill Tilden who once said that

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Use your wrist on the serve and turn it in a weapon!!

The majority of club players generally hold the racket too tightly – the racket handle is not the winning lottery ticket, so ease off the grip pressure and hold the racket looser and turn your serve into a weapon.

The Two effective ways

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The Smash

Smashing fun

 To improve your club double’s play and tactic’s – practice your smash!

 You’re probably bored of hearing your club coach pleading with you to get to the net.  Remember, the strongest position in doubles is both players up at the net – but forget it if you are afraid of being lobbed!

So to gain greater

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Five of the most common errors on the backhand volley

Five of the most common backhand volley errors: 


1:  Wrong Grip

Mistake:  People often use a forehand grip, which is fine for putting away a very high forehand volley, but it’s not much good on the backhand side or for most other types of forehand volley come to that. It promotes the dreaded ‘reverse volley’ whereby

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The tennis ball toss

The Ball toss


The problem of the wayward ball toss is sometimes more of a mental and confidence issue.   However, it can often be overcome by improving your technique.


1: Holding the ball

Problem: Players tend to hold the ball in the palm of their hand facing down.  This is often the result of players bouncing the ball

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