Double Handed Backhand

The double handed backhand groundstroke

The grip

The grip on the double handed backhand is not as disciplined as the single handed, as you can use which ever grip feels comfortable as long as the hands do not have a gap between them and you do not hold the racket too tightly.

The swing/action

Turn your shoulders approximately 90 degrees, and show your back to your opponent.  A short low backswing is advised as you generally have enough power required having the two hands on the racket instead of one.  The swing is again low to high finishing a little like a golfer with the racket over your dominant playing arm shoulder.   You may feel that your non playing hand does a lot of the work, essentially it’s a bit like playing a left handed forehand for the right hander.

Contact point

Just in front of and out to the side of your body and arms straight but not locked.  Played open stance or closed stance depending on the height and speed of the ball.

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