Use your wrist on the serve and turn it in a weapon!!

The majority of club players generally hold the racket too tightly – the racket handle is not the winning lottery ticket, so ease off the grip pressure and hold the racket looser and turn your serve into a weapon.

The Two effective ways of releasing the grip pressure are:

 (i)            Hold the grip lower and have your little finger right at the bottom of the racket handle – some professional players actually have their little finger off the bottom of the racket.

(ii)          Let your fingers hold the racket grip, rather than the palm on your hand.

 If you manage to release your grip pressure on the serve, your wrist will be released enabling potential improvement in the following three key areas:

MORE POWER – Less tension in the wrist will improve your overall throwing action and create a better wrist snap on contact point and also develop a deeper back scratch position.

DIRECTION WITH DISGUISE – you can now have the freedom to turn your wrist on contact point to the area of the service box you would like the ball to go, rather than moving your starting position along the baseline.

SPIN VARIATION – this can be achieved with a combination of a change in the ball toss.   Your wrist will now be free and able to hit the ball at different tangents creating an increase and variation in spin.

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