The Flight of the ball - Groundstoke preparation

The Flight of the Ball and how to use it in your groundstroke preparation. If you watch a ball leave a player’s racquet and fly down the court, notice how much time it takes to arrive there and bounce for the first time and contrast that with how little time there is then to the contact point of the returning shot. The trick (and as usual there is a knack to doing something challenging in life) is to start the preparation for your next shot sharply with active feet and a quick mind so that well before the ball bounces you have moved up behind the line of it and you are able to deal with it before it goes past you. Both shoulders are turned quickly and shape of your swing (the Path) is decided upon based on the tactical situation you find yourself in. Soon you will be realising that actually you have much more time at your disposal and you will feel so much better “on the ball”. Good luck and remember to make those mistakes! 

Written by Nick Ring Leisure’s Head Professional Tennis Coach – Rupert Green

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