The Serve

The serve

The grip

The grip for the serve is the chopper grip, also known as the hammer grip.  To find this grip, simply pinch the strings of the racket over the frame of the racket and slide your hand down the frame to the grip.   The grip tension should be light and be held more in the fingers with the little finger of your playing hand as close to the bottom of the grip as possible.

The swing

The serve is a throwing action and you should feel like you are throwing the racket up to the ball, releasing your wrist by snapping the ball down into the service box.  There are no two service actions the same in tennis, but all effective serves have key core elements.  The feet should be approximately shoulder width apart and you must start sideways on as if you were going to throw an object a long distance.  The service action should start slowly as you want to place the ball with accuracy (about one o’clock on a clock face) so release the ball out of your hand when you hand has gone pass your eye level, remember do not bend this placement arm.  Then accelerate and throw the racket up to the ball to FULL STRETCH which will allow the wrist to get involved and generate the power, spin, and direction to the serve.  If you do not reach up to the ball your serve may be consistence but will lose the qualities mentioned.  The follow through normally looks after itself but should finish pass your non dominate side and not the same side as you hit the ball.

Contact point

Contact point does vary depending on the type of serve you are hitting but for a flat fast serve, you should be on full stretch and hitting the ball slightly in front and out to the side of your head.

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