The Smash

Smashing fun

 To improve your club double’s play and tactic’s – practice your smash!

 You’re probably bored of hearing your club coach pleading with you to get to the net.  Remember, the strongest position in doubles is both players up at the net – but forget it if you are afraid of being lobbed!

So to gain greater confidence at the net, you must learn to smash!!

Quick tips

 (1)    When you approach the net, DO NOT get too close as you are very vulnerable to the lob – remember there is always someone at every club who is famed for their lobbing prosiest – DO NOT make their job easier.

 (2)    Your first reaction is to turn and move sideways – either by the side step method or crossover steps – DO NOT move back facing the net on as you won’t cover the court very quickly and may lose balance.

(3)    Try and get right underneath the ball as though the ball was to land on your head.  You may not always be able to do this, which introduces the jump smash.

 (4)    Point your non-playing hand up at the ball – this helps you gauge the ball in your sights, balance you and acts as a lever when dropped at the correct time, which develops a stronger throwing action.

(5)    Throw the racket head up to the ball as you do on a serve and allow your wrist to snap and turn to the direction of the court you are aiming.

 (6)    DO NOT look where the ball has gone too early and drop you head until after you have contacted the ball.

 (7)    The same tips apply if you were to perform a bounce smash – if you decide, for a number of reasons i.e. a windy or sunny day, to let the ball bounce before you smash it away.  Generally, you may find that you can not be as aggressive on the bounce smash as you are further away from the net.

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